What is it?
Teachu is software developed in Ethiopia to be used as a self-assessment and self-studying supplement material by students and teachers.

What does it do? 
The software is loaded with question bank for different subjects categorized in chapters and with five levels of difficulty.
The difficulty levels are set as:-
Level 1:- questions that must be answered by all students.
Level 2 :- questions to be answered by students with little understanding of the subject
Level 3 :- questions to be answered by students with 
average understanding of the subjects
Level 4 :- questions to be answered by students with good understanding of the subjects
Level 5:- questions to be answered by students with a very good understanding of the subject.

A student will be registered into the software and will be tested with different scientific examinations methods built from questions in the question bank .

The student’s result will be analyzed per chapter , per difficulty level and per subject and will be recorded into the system . Hence the students performance will be clearly visible for different chapters at different difficulty levels.

Once the student result is known the software will provide assisting reading materials to help him/her improve their results .
After taking some time with the reading materials the student will be encouraged to retake the examinations again and again and his/her performance will be studied and compared to previous weighted average results . 
Then students will clearly know whether if they are improving their performance on each chapters or if he/she needs more reading time or a tutor to improve their performance

What is the Benefit of Teachu?
1. Any student can study by himself and

i. check his/her performance on individual chapters 
ii. Identify his/her weakness 
iii. Improve by using the provided reading materials.
iv. monitor his/her progress

2. It is known that the current students generation is pro computers and Teachu provides them with alternate, easy, responsive and attractive educational media

3. In a classroom with multiple students it is very difficult and time consuming for a teacher to monitor each student’s progress on individual chapters but using Teachu software, this can be achieved in time and easily.

4. Displays students performance using quantitative data and Graphical data

Some of the scientific examination methods implemented in Teachu are:-
1. Random Testing Exam :- Generates question from the question bank from different chapters registered in the system using scientifically approved random generating function

2. Intelligence Testing Exam :- Students will be tested with average difficulty level questions and based on their performance the difficulty level of the next question will be tuned indicating the actual understanding the student has on a particular chapter

3. Selected Testing: - A teacher will be given a special window screen to go through the question bank contents and he can select questions and create exam by allotting time.